Swiss sightfies

We live in the selfie era – a digital «mini-me» that can be captured with the smartphone and immediately be shared in the social networks. This modern form of self-portrayal has brought new possibilities for communication and also established a possibility to deal with oneself. The aim of a selfie is to impress others - the more outstanding it is, the more reaction it achieves. Therefore, it is obvious that landmarks with their iconic character are often used as backgrounds for selfies.

In my bachelor thesis I thematise the self-portrayal in form of selfies and their background history. Following, I examined and documented the occurrence of the selfie-phenomenon in front of swiss landmarks by the example of the Kapellbrücke. I conducted an observation and survey for the research.

The practical project covers a documentary video and a picture series. They highlight and visualize the selfie-phenomenon in front of swiss sights. It is called “Swiss sightfies” – a combination of “sights” and “selfies”.